About Dennis

Heart, Mind and Spirit

These are the areas that Pastor Dennis has focused on ever since he and his wife founded Families Forever Ministries back in 1997.

As a Behavioral and Relationship specialist he is able to sit down with people from all walks of life and relate to their needs or issues. After carefully listening he then helps them implement their new “Life Strategy Plan” that can bring them a level of peace, joy and happiness that perhaps they didn’t think existed.

Dennis specializes in developing healthier people by focusing on the inside of a person versus the outside. There are many other wonderful ministries and organizations that feed, clothe, and house people with those needs, but what we have found is that people want and need to be happy on the inside as well.

We have seen many people that have their physical needs met and some even enjoy an abundance of “material things”, and yet they still attempt suicide, get divorced, suffer from low self esteem and develop serious addictions.

Thousands of people I have helped over the years are believers, Their faith covers a wide spectrum of denominations and religions in our very diverse world. Let me be clear that people of faith can struggle too, but many have learned how to be over comers! Some were not believers and that is ok too because you can’t choose to follow something you know little or nothing about. Start looking for answers, do your research and then make YOUR decision…..

My success comes from sharing about Jesus Christ and the fact that I believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God. “The world has nothing to offer you that compares to His love and forgiveness”. Yet we don’t force our beliefs on anyone, everyone makes their own choice.