FFM’s Theme for 2014 – “Winning back the Soul of America”

Two weeks ago I felt the Lord impress on my heart the need to win back the Soul of America. My entire life has been living in a world where God had a very prominent place in our society and was a heavy contributing factor when it came to making good decisions in my life and discerning right from wrong.
Today I feel like much of America has turned away from God or at least diminished His importance in their lives. What a grave mistake for our country…

I realize that not all are believers and many never will be…..I realize that there are different choices when it comes to faith…..and I realize that I am not supposed to force my faith on anyone else, and I never have nor will I. I believe in living a life for Christ where others can see Him in you….there is no greater testimony.
But whether you believe in Christ or not most people that I encounter all agree that our country is in trouble……deep trouble! And in my vocation I am privileged to meet people from all walks of life, different socio-economic levels, different cultures, and different faiths and denominations. For the past sixteen years of our ministry we have taught the foundational cornerstones of LOVE and RESPECT in any and all relationships. But the erosion of our society is happening quicker than we can rebuild individuals, marriages, and families.

From time to time I will share my thoughts on how we can work together to “Restore the Soul of America” for those that agree with that thought process. I do believe that this restoration process starts in the very depths of every man, woman, and child’s heart and the very heart of the CHURCH!!!!!!!
Christians must examine their hearts and ascertain as to whether or not we have drifted in to LUKEWARM waters…..because God desires for us to be either HOT or COLD for HIM………Rev. 3:15-16 We know that there is and always will be much division on the topic of faith and the scriptures….we all get to decide what the scriptures speak to our hearts. That is why every FAITH journey is a PERSONAL ONE!!!!!!

That’s enough for now….please pray for us at Families Forever and we will be praying for you. May the PEACE of GOD take up permanent residence in all of your heart now and forever. Enjoy this New Years day doing what you do…but take a moment and have a conversation with God about your tomorrow, your next week, your next month, and all of 2014. Most of us know what we want from HIM…..but do you know what HE wants from YOU????
Peace, Forgiveness, Grace, Mercy, and LOVE I give unto you…..

Pastor Dennis

About Dennis

Dennis is a well traveled Pastor that's been to Haiti and numerous other places during the course of the last fifteen years in his Families Forever ministry that God called him to back in 1997. He's been on numerous TV and Radio programs (TBN-LeSea) as well as hosting his own radio show for about four years. Now he continues to travel and focuses on doing his "On Fire" series of speaking engagements, Revivals, Retreats, and Conferences. As a Behavioral and Relationship Specialist he has provided thousands of hours of Crisis Counseling to men, women, and children of all ages and backgrounds. He has a special gift of connecting with people's hearts.
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