Blessings in 2014

Karen and I are praying for all of our friends and family to have a very blessed year in 2014. And yet with that said we know that there are many that are hurting this evening as 2013 closes out and 2014 comes rolling in. There are those that have lost loved ones due to death, divorce and other circumstances….we are praying for them during these lonely and difficult times for God’s healing and strength. These are times that can only be survived with a strong faith in God. The enemy attacks during these times with anger, depression, and a variety of other emotions. Unfortunately some stray from and or get angry with God during these times, but the truth is this is a time when you need to be closer to Him than ever before. God is still In the business of changing lives, performing miracles, healing broken hearts and wounded spirits……

I pray that excessive drinking will not necessarily be your way of ringing in the New Year… have a little cheer is one thing but to do anything that will leave you ill, hung over, or regretting your actions the next day probably isn’t the best way to start a new year. However as adults we are allowed to make choices….my prayer is that we make more good decisions and not ones that we live to regret.

“On Fire in 2014” spiritually should be a goal for all serious and dedicated Christians. Many of us would agree that our world is in deep trouble and we all have a responsibility to help make things better. We start by doing a self examination of ourselves before pointing our fingers in any direction….The overall church and the body of Christ needs to become stronger and spiritually healthier in 2014. There will be many opportunities to minster to others in the new year, we must discover our gifts and be willing to use them for the Lord.

We are surrounded by those that have less and are hurting in so many ways….we have an opportunity to SHOW them Christ…not just quote scriptures and encourage them to pray (although that is important)…they need to see “Christ in us”. There is no greater testimony than for others to see Christ in us on a daily basis…

In 2014 my hope is that all of us that profess to be Christians will spend more time in God’s presence and with a goal to please Him first and others second…..There are many that need to brush the dust off of their Bibles and start searching the Word of God for His Wisdom and Direction in their lives.

I truly believe we have reached a point in society where many things are being forced on us and there is much persecution and confusion. The media in many ways has become very biased and seem to create some news rather than just reporting it. Many of the shows on TV are junk and unduly influence many to live irreverent and sinful lives. We say we are concerned about bullying and yet many of the shows chastise, criticize, and display the highest levels of violence, deception, and killing. It’s time for a healthy change in America and we all have ownership in the problems.

So to all I say Happy New Year…and may the Lord bless you and your family in 2014.
AS for me….my promise to God is to be more focused, determined, and passionate about what He has called me to do. God Bless

Pastor Dennis

About Dennis

Dennis is a well traveled Pastor that's been to Haiti and numerous other places during the course of the last fifteen years in his Families Forever ministry that God called him to back in 1997. He's been on numerous TV and Radio programs (TBN-LeSea) as well as hosting his own radio show for about four years. Now he continues to travel and focuses on doing his "On Fire" series of speaking engagements, Revivals, Retreats, and Conferences. As a Behavioral and Relationship Specialist he has provided thousands of hours of Crisis Counseling to men, women, and children of all ages and backgrounds. He has a special gift of connecting with people's hearts.
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