Overall I am very thankful for all that God allowed us to do in 2013. We specifically impacted lives in Elwood Indiana for all of 2013 as we did our twelve month enrichment program for the entire community. My thanks to Mayor Ron Arnold and other community leaders for their support of this program. Mayor Arnold also asked Families Forever to put on four Gospel concerts in their beautiful Callaway park, which we did. The concerts were fun and great entertainment, especially the “Rock the Teens Concert” in September. Thanks to Shannon and Aaron Martin for their help on the teen concert, and thanks to business supporters and all those that attended the concerts. I have also been privileged to be one of the facilitators of the “Strengthening Families” program in 2013. It is an awesome 14 week program that teaches the entire family how to be healthier and happier. We have done the program in Anderson, IN, Elwood, IN, and we are now in Alexandria, IN. Our next stop with this program will be in Pendleton, IN. If you are interested in knowing more or having this program in your community then get a hold of me. This is a grant funded program through Intersect, thanks to Karesa, Wendy, and Dr. McNeany for handling the details of this very effective program. It is about building trust and relationships and I am personally still involved with families from each of the previous programs. So if YOU are discouraged about your life and or family situation then take heart….there is still HOPE!!!! People can change, as a Behavioral and Relationship specialist that is what I do…Encouraging others to change and teaching them how to make healthy changes!!!

Besides the above mentioned programs I have been busy with one on one counseling, writing books and developing
new resource materials. At the request of a local Mayor and Police Chief I am developing a new “Sensitivity Training” program for Police, Fire, and Emergency Responders. As a former police officer myself and with what I do now as a Behavioral & Relationship specialist my goal is to create a heightened sense of awareness that all emergency responders face in today’s world. There has and always will be danger in response to many emergencies but today there seems to be more anger, rage, drugs (new and old kinds), alcohol, and PTSD, just to name a few things. There basically is no such thing as a routine stop or call anymore, people of all ages, race, and backgrounds present a potential danger to these first responders. This will be a program I hope to travel and share with many communities and Police and Fire departments. Feel free to contact me for more information.

The first two books to be published after the first of the year will be “Death and Resurrection of a Marriage”, and “The Next Generation-Destined to fail”….we will also be doing four conferences in 2014. Dumb Man Conference, Pastor’s Conference, Youth Conference, and a Couple’s Conference. we will need help raising funds in order to accomplish these tasks. Please pray about supporting Families Forever in 2014 so that we can reach out and help many more men, women, and children. The need for what we do continues to increase in our hurting world.

Anything we can do to bring hope and encouragement to others during difficult times in their lives will continue to be our focus. I plan on traveling a lot more in 2014 doing conferences, presentations, speaking opportunities, retreats and seminars. Please call to schedule an event in your area, no place is too far for us to travel.

In closing I must say that I feel we are close to some major breakthroughs in our ministry….the enemy is not happy with the good we have been doing for the past sixteen years. He has attacked our health, finances, and created numerous distractions in order to cut down the overall effectiveness of what we are called to do and to discourage us from continuing. In 2014 WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!! Your prayers, encouragement, volunteering, and financial support is a must! The overall support of God’s people is the only thing that has sustained us for the past sixteen years. You can donate on our website or mail to us at Families Forever, PO Box 1033, Anderson, IN 46015. We hope you will make this a matter of prayer as you ring in the New Year. Help us get off to a good start with a one time donation or a quarterly or monthly donation….you determine the amount after careful thought and prayer. We have more things on the drawing board to help others but it all costs money. We leave it ultimately in God’s hands and trust Him for everything…..but He works and moves through His people!!!!!!! May God be glorified in all that we do!!!!!
Wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year

Pastor Dennis & Karen Coppock

About Dennis

Dennis is a well traveled Pastor that's been to Haiti and numerous other places during the course of the last fifteen years in his Families Forever ministry that God called him to back in 1997. He's been on numerous TV and Radio programs (TBN-LeSea) as well as hosting his own radio show for about four years. Now he continues to travel and focuses on doing his "On Fire" series of speaking engagements, Revivals, Retreats, and Conferences. As a Behavioral and Relationship Specialist he has provided thousands of hours of Crisis Counseling to men, women, and children of all ages and backgrounds. He has a special gift of connecting with people's hearts.
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