FFM Year end Report….and Year End Plea!!!!! Please read and Pray!

It’s so important to try and give you all a brief snapshot of what we do all year and all the opportunities God gives us to love others in His name……and yet much of what we do is so strictly confidential. Not the programs mind you but the very personal and internal goings on in a persons life. Their personal struggles with life itself. The good news is we have much success in what we do and GOD is to receive all the glory!!!!

Some of the good things that have been happening for the past sixteen years in this ministry is that numerous people, men-women-and children have given their lives to Christ or re-dedicated their lives to Christ! Many have started attending church! Numerous marriages have been healed, restored, and/or reconciled…To God be the Glory!!!! Numerous families have been shown or taught how to be healthier and happier by living for Jesus Christ!!!!! To God be the Glory!!!! and these are families of all ages, all cultural backgrounds, all sorts of income levels, and all sorts of lifestyles….families with both parents, single parents, blended families, families with addictions, families with anger, abuse, and self-esteem issues, grandparents raising their grandchildren….and God alone has the message and the methods on how to be healthy and happy by living Wholeheartedly for Him!!!!!!!!
Joshua 24:15 “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”!

Some of you that are new to Families Forever may be asking how we accomplish what we do…it is done through many venues. For four years I taught a family addiction program, I’ve taught Psychology at the college level, I hosted my own call in radio program for almost four years “Healthy Families in an Unhealthy World”, I have appeared on numerous TV and Radio programs to talk about what we do and how we help individuals and families through one-on-one counseling and educational programs presented in conference-workshop-seminar- and retreat venues.

In 2013 alone we have done a 12 month enrichment program for the entire community of Elwood, Indiana…we hope more communities will follow in providing this program for their citizens. While in Elwood we also sponsored along with the help of some of their business owners four Gospel Concerts, the last concert being a “Rock the Teens Night” with several Christian bands and a Christian Rap artist. I have helped to co-facilitate a fourteen week “Strengthening Families” program. This year we have done the program in Anderson, Elwood, and Alexandria Indiana, with much success!

Our Educational approach deals head on with the very life issues that people are struggling with in the world today. We educate, Equip, and Empower people to make the necessary changes in their lives in order to achieve peace and happiness no matter their circumstances. Because I am a former police officer, I have been asked by a Mayor and former police chief to do “New and Curent Sensitivity Training” classes for all Fire, Police, and Emergency Responders. I am working on the curriculum for that training now. As a Behavioral and Relationship specialist it is imperative that I stay on top of the current issues people are struggling with such as PTSD and it’s complications for military families…..

This is much longer than I wanted it to be but there is so much to share….let me close by saying that I am inching closer to publishing my first book “Death and Resurrection of a Marriage”, and I am working on three others as well. I hope to complete my Doctoral degree by spring or sooner. But finances have hindered us for years the same as everyone else. We are proud of the fact that we have persevered through some very lean and difficult times and 2013 has been no different with respect to finances. Yet we are very proud and thankful for all that has been accomplished every year of the ministry. We could not have survived without a strong faith and God moving in the hearts of His people to pray for us and financially support us.

We are at another cross roads today…….we are almost back to square one when it comes to monthly support, we need a financial transfusion in order to not only keep up what we are doing, but to do more…because there is more need of our services. I haven’t drawn an income from the ministry for a few years now, we closed the office down to reduce overhead, but there are still normal overhead costs to run any ministry, phones, insurance, internet, marketing materials, workbooks etc….. We have a great need for some financial contributions to close out 2013, ASAP…… And we need a substantial increase in monthly giving for 2014 in order to carry on and accomplish what God is asking of us…..we are “Missionaries in America” and missionaries have to raise their support, without it they can’t do their work, we are no different. God has provided for us and watched over us…..but He moves in the hearts of His people…YOU are His hands and His feet.

I pray that this has helped you to understand the importance of what we do……we deal with internal wellness of a person, Body-Mind-Spirit. There are those that feed, cloth, and house people….To God be the Glory! But some of those same people are broken on the inside, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually…that’s where we come in, that’s what God has asked us to do is to love them in His name, introduce them to Him….Bring them Hope and Encouragement….. I pray that after careful thought and prayer you will find us worthy of your support and that the work we do is every bit as important as some of the larger well known ministries. We are all called by God to do His work. I am praying that I hear from many brand knew supporters that are “On Fire’ for God and helping your fellow man. I have said this before, that there is a Monsoon sweeping over our nation that is destroying the lives of men, women, and children everywhere….your standing there with a life vest in your hand……are you going to hold onto it or throw it to someone that needs it worse than you??????

Many of you giving a small MONTHLY amount is what will help us sustain our work and do more, some can give more, but together we can and are making a difference in the lives of many. Thanks to those of you that have prayed and supported us from day one…thanks for persevering and encouraging us all these years. It’s because of you and our never failing faith that we carry on. Peace and Blessings to you….

(Give yourself a gold star if you read this whole thing, I hope you did.. 🙂 ) Give yourself two gold stars if you are going to pray for us and financially support us…. 🙂 🙂 )

Pastor Dennis

About Dennis

Dennis is a well traveled Pastor that's been to Haiti and numerous other places during the course of the last fifteen years in his Families Forever ministry that God called him to back in 1997. He's been on numerous TV and Radio programs (TBN-LeSea) as well as hosting his own radio show for about four years. Now he continues to travel and focuses on doing his "On Fire" series of speaking engagements, Revivals, Retreats, and Conferences. As a Behavioral and Relationship Specialist he has provided thousands of hours of Crisis Counseling to men, women, and children of all ages and backgrounds. He has a special gift of connecting with people's hearts.
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