Are you Ready???? For the Holidays?

Do you think this year has gone by very quickly??? I do! And I can assure you that the upcoming holidays will fly by in a hurry as well. We just had Halloween, now it’s November and that wonderful celebration of Thanksgiving is upon us and this year it falls on my birthday…November 28th. For those of you keeping track..I will be 64 and I thank God for each of my many blessings as each year goes by. Karen and I are very thankful for our overall good health and we eagerly look forward to everyday that God gives us. We have felt the love and support over the past sixteen years as we have endeavored to fulfill that which God called us to do in His ministry, Families Forever. It hasn’t been easy……but it has been spiritually very rewarding.

And then comes December, where we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus…..don’t blink your eyes or you may miss it. Let’s all be sure to observe this holiday as somthing very special and Holy!!!!!! It should be about recognizing His gift to us and in return our gifts to Him…….not so much our gifts to each other unless they are truly given as an expression of Christ’s love and not just a holiday obligation!!!!!!!!
Merry CHRISTmas……

And then there is New Years Eve…..where we say goodbye to the old year, perhaps some difficult times, maybe some good times, the birth of new babies, and perhaps the death of a loved one. Together as family and friends we experience these things and we carry on hopefully looking forward to a new year filled with more blessings, and yet knowing there may still be more difficult times ahead. But together as people of faith we know that we are never ever alone….for HE says, “Fear not and Be Anxious for Nothing”! and “I will never leave you or Forsake you”! I pray that those scriptures comfort you as much as they do me……

So with that. I am ready for the Holidays and the New Year!!!!!!
BRING IT ON 2014….The devil is in trouble!!!! Jesus is still King of Kings and Lord of all!!!!
God Bless you all….. Please pray for us and consider supporting us financially, we need you! THANKS!

Pastor Dennis

About Dennis

Dennis is a well traveled Pastor that's been to Haiti and numerous other places during the course of the last fifteen years in his Families Forever ministry that God called him to back in 1997. He's been on numerous TV and Radio programs (TBN-LeSea) as well as hosting his own radio show for about four years. Now he continues to travel and focuses on doing his "On Fire" series of speaking engagements, Revivals, Retreats, and Conferences. As a Behavioral and Relationship Specialist he has provided thousands of hours of Crisis Counseling to men, women, and children of all ages and backgrounds. He has a special gift of connecting with people's hearts.
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